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Client relationships are our top priority. We believe service makes the difference and that well-managed communities produce the best return for our clients.  We have a deep understanding of an asset’s strategic position in a given market, which is the key to achieving success.

Hiring excellent employees means we can deliver excellent service.  Our residents deserve clean, well maintained homes and we believe a properly maintained community produces the happiest residents. 

Our approach to investment management is hands on, making it the best way to maximize cash flow and operating performance for each property.

Our strong experience in marketing, budgeting, resident relations, maintenance, and our partnership with legal, accounting and maintenance experts help to maximize each properties operating performance. 

Our intensive asset management has proven itself in making a valuable difference in investment performance.

Tony Merrill

Portland, OR

Our family owned company has been working with Princeton since 1995.  We started our relationship  with PPM on a 144 Unit Complex in Beaverton, our first apartment building and first experience with 3rd party fee management on multi‐family.  Now, some 25 years later, we have 1007 multi‐family units  under Princeton management, even entrusting them with a 500 unit mini storage.  Princeton manages  communities for us in Salem, Keizer, Beaverton, Aloha, Tigard, Milwaukie, and even a 48 unit community  in Redmond, OR, nearly $170M in assets.  The relationship has lasted this long because of the trust we have in Princeton to manage our  communities like they would if they owned them.  Our first priority has always been to create a  wonderful place for people to live and call home, and Princeton staff is both professional, and also very  caring in their work with all of our residents.  Not only does Princeton take care of residents, they’ve  also proven to be very proactive in identifying and remediating any repair and maintenance on our  properties, including large capital items such as roofs, siding, windows, etc.  Part of keeping a  community nice for residents is maintaining both the grounds and the buildings, and this has been a  priority and strength of Princeton.  I can honestly say I’ve never had a negative experience with any Princeton employee, rather it’s been  one positive interaction after another.  I regularly make requests for financial information, budgets, rent  rolls, etc., and Princeton is always quick to get us what we need.  Not only that, but they are extremely  effective at dealing with loan servicers, getting them what they need to service the loan.  We recently  did multiple “Green” loans through Fannie Mae, and Princeton had a very heavy lift in terms of  compliance with the loan terms.  Not only did they succeed at meeting the cumbersome requirements,  they did it in a way that both satisfied the lender and nearly removed any/all work I had to do on my  end, which was incredibly helpful.    Lastly, I would point to the superior communication Princeton has with our community members, loan  servicers, and lenders.  This has always been the case, and shows up in many ways, but through COVID it  has become even more apparent that Princeton is proactive and never reactive in their communication.   It has become ever more difficult to comply with all of the landlord tenant laws in Oregon, and this  pandemic has compounded this enormously.  The fact that Princeton continues to operate with such  professionalism in working through this period has been nothing short of remarkable.  Their  communication with both residents and ownership has been thoughtful, considerate, timely, and  without fail appropriate to the situation.  This level of communication is so very important in every  phase of management, and Princeton excels in every facet.    From the ownership, to the senior property managers, to support staff, to onsite staff, Princeton has  provided us with 25 plus years of trouble‐free management.  They’ve created wonderful communities,  maximized cash flow, and avoided the many potential pitfalls along the way.  We feel like the success of  our communities is very much a product of Princeton’s management.  I still remember when we toyed  with the idea of opening up our own management company to self‐manage.  When I look back, our  choice to stay with Princeton may have been the best management/investment decision we’ve ever  made.  

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Top Mortgage Broker in Portland

Portland, OR

Princeton is the Gold Standard when it comes to management of property and I always refer them to my clients.  Everything in the reports are where they should be and the service is tremendous.

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Dr. Glenn P.
Bend, OR

I have had two apartment complexes totaling 80 units that were managed by Princeton Property starting 6 years ago. These were not in prime locations and were 25-60 years old and not in great shape. I have had three other property managers plus myself.

Princeton properties doubled the net income within 5 years on both properties and last year I sold one that needed $400k in work (which I deferred) for $5.25 million. I paid $2.98 million for it in 2014.

Princeton Properties is even a better manager than me which is saying a lot. Their performance during the pandemic has been awesome. They keep me apprised, quickly respond, and have the best monthly reports that I have ever seen. On a ten point scale, I would rate them 11.  

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